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European Oak Idigbo Sapele Iroko Accoya Softwood Glass

Iroko is hardwood that is great to work with for the joiner and offers a good base for either staining or painting your joinery.

It’s rich yellow brown colour is a great material to incorporate into your project.

Uses: Cladding, Joinery - Exterior & Interior, Decking. Ship & boat Building

Materials - Hardwood - Iroko

Species Group: Hardwood

Durability:  2 - Durable

Colour description: Yellow Brown

Mean density: 660Kg/m3

Durability is a measurement of how long a specific species of timber would last if a 50mm x 50mm cross section was left in the ground unprotected.  An untreated Iroko beam classed as ‘durable’ will last 15-25 years depending on environmental conditions.